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Beginners guide to Vibrators

Beginners guide to Vibrators

Whether you have your favourite go to Vibrator or whether you are a beginner looking to purchase your first Vibrator, it can be daunting to know which style of vibrator that's right for you. There are so many different brands, shapes, colours sizes. Some vibrate alone, some oscillate, many have beads or rotaries, rabbit ears and clitoris stimulations, the list of variants is endless.

Here we have put together a brief introductory to guide you towards your ideal vibrator.


  • Bunny Vibrators are mainly used to heighten sexual please, for women they can be used in the erogenous zones to stimulate sexual pleasure alone or with a partner. A popular style of vibrator that comes with 2 different functions, a longer shaft to insert that stimulates the G-Spot and a vibrating clitoral stimulater. Together these 2 functions can add fireworks to the bedroom and create intense orgasms. These can also be used to stimulate the nipples, Anus and even the Penis, it really is a multi purpose sexual toy, with the various speeds and functions you can have a lot of fun playing to find a setting that you favourite.This style of Vibrators know as Rabbit style vibrators are rapidly growing in popularity with women and couples who like to spice it up and try something new.
  • Bullet Vibrators are usually small and compact in a bullet shape, these little pleasure bullets are perfectly sized so they can be slipped in an overnight bag and taken away, the perfect little travel companion. They usually come with a variety of vibration speeds so you can decide the intensity. Bullet vibrators can be used to stimulate all parts of the body, so find your most sensitive erogenous zones and use this vibrator to tantalise and tease. Why not start from the nape of the neck then behind the ears and slowly work your way down the body teasing the nipples continuing down further until you can't take no more! You'll never travel alone again.

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